Web-development or web-design?

A lot of times you will go through the "services" section on a whatever web-site and there is a million things on the list, which are basically one and the same, like "web-site design, web-site concepts, web-site programming.. etc.." yeah we get it... you make web-sites.
We don't want to do this, so there is not a lot to mention here, however... lately, there is a bit a confusion on what does a web-designer do. A lot of people ask me "do you do the programming for those web-site too?" and that's because the web-design market has overflown with anyone who believes is capable, knowledgeable and skillful enough to do this, but ends up pissing every actuall professional off.
So we're just gonna break down what web-design is for us.

  • After a (or several if needed) meeting(s) with you, we know how do you want to use your web-site, why and who is your target group/area.
  • We then proceed with a draft that's based on all the info we gathered from you. So if we need to make a web-site for a kindergarten, we shall use bright colors etc., while if it would be marine services, we would use navy blue... you get the idea.
  • Once the visual direction has been established, we make sure that the content of the web-site is substantial and highly relevant to your product or services, while the web-site itself is user friendly and comprehensive from anyone using it.
  • Behind the scenes of all visual and accessible content, we make sure that the code that supports the web-site is clean, minimum and works with every browser and device that can access the web.
  • Should you require a responsive web-site, no need to mention it. Most of our later projects are responsive to start with.
  • After all that, we want to make sure that your web-site will come up on search results. This is a tricky part and there are many factors that affect the search results. However, we have a good reputation on that field.
  • When everything is done, you will require maintenance services, for which we are always on hold.
  • You get the idea...!

Other products

  • Design and development of complete 3d scenes or models and animation
    Using the latest versions of well established software platforms (3d studio Max), we can undertake a variety of projects that require a 3d rendering of either single frames or a complete animation. We can then edit it to film for presentations purposes or other.
  • Graphic design services
    Sometimes, people approach me, when they are on the starting line of something new, so I intent to undertake the whole graphic and visual rendering of their project. A company package or company ID, it's the most easy way to describe it. Together, we proceed in making your logo, help you with a company name if needed, design the packaging, labels... everything (that would obviously include the web-site).