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Cive wright,wedding photographer,Australia

Since 1993 Clive has photographed nearly 2000 weddings in different locations around the world.
He now resides in Melbourne, Australia and is still very active in wedding photography, both in and out of Australia.


  • Jamie BraswellWe just wanted you to know that we have reviewed the photos and we love them...
  • Jessica Pill They are beautiful. Thank you for capturing our special days...
  • Craig NilsonWe are happy with both of your works. Thanks again and well done..

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A Hong Kong wedding
Capturing on film the Chinese culture, through a spectacular wedding ceremony.


Time for a break
Christmas was an adventurous time for photography, but it's time to get back to work.

My approach to wedding photography

wedding photography Australia

When photographing weddings, I always try to make the whole experience a bit of fun for the bride and groom as well as everyone else involved.
If a couple are relaxed and enjoying themselves, it ultimately shows in the results.
I've photographed almost 2000 weddings to date and haven't yet met anyone who can't relax in front of the camera with a little help. And to those who have any doubts, I say to you that you haven't been in front of my camera!
A wedding is all about two people's love for one another. It's about family and friends coming together to celebrate that love. So whether it be a spontaneous moment of hilarity in front of dozens of people or a stolen moment of quiet intimacy away from the crowd, it is the photographer's task to capture these special moments in such a way as to evoke happy, funny and romantic memories of the day through images.
Every wedding is as unique as the couple who are being wed. Therefore, I like to hear first from a couple what they expect from me and then apply myself accordingly to satisfy individual tastes and requirements.
But at the same time, I always have and always will try my best to make the whole photo-taking a bit of fun for everyone.