Please proceed only if you have nothing better to do, as we have deliberately made this text boring beyond mortal comprehension.

I got into web-design out of love for a dying aardvark, that was hosted in the local zoo. It wasn't of course love in an erotic sense, it was more like a deep friendship that numerous failed attempts to establish any form of communication brought to life.
The zookeeper, an old kind man with a young adventurous heart, used to let me feed dead pets to the carnivorous animals of his domain, but it was never something that pleased me or made me feel excited. It was more of a chance to prove myself to all those flesh eaters that I am not easily afraid. I was though. Especially to the zoo keeper's wife who used to hunt me down so see can feed me a terribly tasting sandwich. There were always small and crunchy things in there and every single time I asked, I would always get the same answer.. "it's the ants for the aardvark dear".
No wonder why later on in my life, I became a Buddhist.
One day, I was given an urn with soil in it. It smelled … good. Made you feel close to mother Earth and comprehend to a certain extend how the equation of moving cosmic matter throughout the universe can have an impact on a human life, the energy that we host and the signals that we receive from the entirety of cosmos. It also smelled a bit of poo in there, but I guess, that's what it's there for, at least for most animals. "Here's what's left of Batilstarava" said the zoo keeper's wife in a firm voice and walked away in a firm "don't you dare to call me back" way. I didn't. I didn't cry or yell to the skies about revenge or even get angry with myself for not being there when Batilstarava needed me most.
When an aardvark dies, we usually roast it and have a nice family dinner. Most likely, this was the case with Batilstarava, only... I wasn't invited and after the meal was over, someone filled the urn I was given with soil -since I was too young to know that there should be ash in there- and the whole thing was done and dusted.
Everyone's happy and everyone else was full and in need for a soda.

Then the first "ZX Spectrum" came out and I forgot all about aardvarks and animals and all that... zoo keeping business.
In my hands I was holding the future! In black and green at the time with no "windows" or similar operating systems that made life easy. A new door opened wide and behind, it another world full of... virtual aardvarks hunting down ants for extra bones points, trying to get the highest score over and over again. Laser beams where coming out of the ants lair and if you were not careful, the ant queen would kill you with a single melee attack.
I loved that game and many others after that. Games were getting better and better and computers followed the demands for processing power of each new release. Then... alone in the dark.
That's the actual name of the first game with polygons. Alone in the dark.
Some of you might have seen the exceptionally bad movie with Christian Slater that was based on the game. Actually, there was one good thing about the movie... Tara Reid... with the specs on. She looks ok without 'em, but she was really hot in this particular movie because of that detail. Anyway...
The revolution of polygons made me wanna be part of that industry, I wanted to design, to create, to express myself through this digital stream of information and technology, something that most people call... I.T.
Unfortunately... it didn't work out, so I became a musician, working my way from a rock guitar player to a composer of medium to small production theater plays. But most of the work, was done on a.... computer.. that's right. That machine that used to run simple and basic looking games, was now top notch on these things. Writing music was enjoyment, but music is even better when images are also there to compliment whatever it is that you are experiencing.
It can be a musical journey to the far end of the galaxy, discovering new worlds and new life, where new sounds and melodies that were never heard before from human ears are echoing all over these alien planes. But seeing is believing.
So I turned to film making.
The combination of sound and vision.
But I already told you enough. That will be all for the "about" section... for now.

THere might be a couple of things about this story that don't stand right... it's probably becasue the whole thing is made up.